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October Resources & Updates for SMACtalk
New content for SMACtalk is now available.

SMACtalk for Parents<> - Our new SMACtalk parent blog is live! This month features a video by Rachel Schell, parent of an Arkansas student. An updated parent poster (in English & Spanish) is also available for distribution and other new content! You'll find our new video and poster at the top of our new page.

SMACtalk for Teachers<> - The SMACtalk Season 2 Premier is available to listen on our DESE podcast channel.

SMACtalk for Students<> - New content for students is coming soon. Resources from last year's campaign are still readily accessible.

Other Announcements

  *   The winner of the Mr. Steve the Music Man Giveaway will be announced soon. Even though the contest has ended, students and staff can still rock out to our new SMACtalk jam:
SMACtalk presents "CYBERWISE" by Mr. Steve, The Music Man<>
Written and performed by Steve Lee http://www.mrstevemusic.comDirected by Evan Brace http://www.evanbrace.comEdited by Michael Hampton http://www.mampyhike...

  *   October is Cyber AwARe Month. We are excited to offer the following two events for students in grades 5-12: the Cyber AwARe Poster Contest<> and the Cyber Heroes Virtual Camp<>. Be sure to check those out or share if interested.

Visit us for more information: