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Parent Information 4/30/2020



On April 25th, Governor Hutchinson and Secretary Key announced requirements for districts to follow in planning for high school graduation ceremonies.  Traditional high school graduation ceremonies are restricted until July 1 at the earliest pending release of social distancing guidelines.  DESE is encouraging schools to delay their graduation ceremonies, but a waiver can be applied for if a school district wishes to have a non-traditional ceremony.  The JSD graduation survey overwhelmingly indicated that our seniors and parents want a traditional ceremony.  Therefore, we will tentatively schedule graduation on all three campuses for July 17th.  Our desire is to set a date so you can make plans, but please understand that there is the possibility that this date will have to be changed based on guidance from the Division of Elementary and Secondary Education and the Arkansas Department of Health. Also districts were notified last week that we cannot host a Kindergarten, PreK, or 6th grade graduation this year.  


Return of School Property


We realize that our students have many school items in their possession such as library books, chrome books, school uniforms or jerseys, and text books.  We will need all items back in order to prepare for the next school year.  The Jasper School District will host two days, Tuesday May 19th and Thursday May 21st, as drop off days for all of these items.  Boxes will be placed outside the office on each campus.  Please label each item with your students name and place them in the boxes.  Staff will be on hand to help collect, sort, and disinfect these items.  If you have been picking up meals at our drop-off points, you will be able to place your items in boxes during meal pickup.  


Grading and End of Year AMI


As we begin our final weeks of school, we just wanted to pass along an update regarding AMI. All AMI assignments should be turned in by Friday, May 22nd. For your convenience, designated boxes are placed outside each school to collect the work. Teachers are working to grade the AMI work as it comes in. Since our elementary (K-6) students use a standards-based grading system, no fourth quarter grades will be assigned. Rather, teachers will keep notes of student progress toward essential learning standards that will carry into next year. Next year's report cards will be modified to include the skills not covered this quarter. At the high school (7-12) level, teachers will enter grades from the AMI into Eschool, and grades for the fourth 9 weeks will be calculated as usual. However, no student's semester grade will be negatively impacted by the 4th quarter AMI grades. Students who work hard and do well on assignments could potentially raise their grade for the semester. If the 4th quarter average is higher than the 3rd quarter grade, the quarterly grades will be averaged to determine the semester grade, which will then appear on the permanent transcript. Students whose calculated grade for the 4th quarter would negatively impact their semester grade will receive the grade that they had at the end of the 3rd quarter. We encourage students to continue to be engaged in their Zoom meetings and AMI assignments as we wrap up the year. Working hard now could help reduce the amount of time we have to spend providing interventions for this year's skills at the beginning of the next school year. We know that this has been a challenging several weeks for all of us. However, we remain committed to ensuring success for our students and will do whatever it takes. We appreciate all of your support and cooperation and look forward to more normalcy in the (hopefully near) future. 


Meal Service


Great News! We are extending our meal service program through June 30th. All students who are on the meal program now will continue to receive food in the same format that we have used throughout the school closure. If you would like to be added or removed from the program, or if you are enrolled in the program and need to change your delivery method or location, please contact your child's school office.