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Kingston School


Kings bee

Grades Pre-K through 12

Kingston High School/Elementary Principal - Seth Villines - Email

220 Madison 2620 
P.O. Box 149
Kingston, AR 72742

Phone 479-665-2835
Fax 479-665-2577

Mission Statement


The Mission of Kingston Public School is to provide a safe, drug-free, supportive learning atmosphere wherein all students can become proficient and advanced in academic skills.  We propose to provide encouragement in the social, emotional, physical wellness and growth of each student.

“We believe that all students can and will learn.”


Joseph placed 4th place in his division for his pig he will be going to District and state fair! I'm very proud of him.

Dear Parents and Guardians,


The Jasper School District is aware of the potential threat to a Kentucky and an Arkansas school being shared on social media.  As you may have seen, the Little Rock FBI office has issued a general awareness statement about information they received relating to the possibility of a school shooting in Kentucky on August 28th and Arkansas on August 29th.


The Arkansas State Police has been in close contact with the FBI attempting to identify the source of the threat.  At this time no corroborating evidence or useful details have been uncovered.


While there have been no specific threats to the Jasper School District or any of the campuses, we have been in contact with local law enforcement agencies throughout the day.  I’m confident with the plans in place.  The safety of our students and staff will remain our highest priority and we will continue to take the necessary steps to keep them safe.  


Jeff Cantrell


Jasper School District



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