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Kingston School


Kings bee

Grades Pre-K through 12

Kingston High School/Elementary Principal - Seth Villines - Email

220 Madison 2620 
P.O. Box 149
Kingston, AR 72742

Phone 479-665-2835
Fax 479-665-2577

Mission Statement

The Mission of Kingston Public School is to provide a safe, drug-free, supportive learning atmosphere wherein all students can become proficient and advanced in academic skills.  We propose to provide encouragement in the social, emotional, physical wellness, and growth of each student.

“We believe that all students can and will learn.”

Located in the Kings River Valley, our Kingston campus is located near the intersection of highways 21 and 74 in Madison County. Please watch this video to learn more about what makes Kingston unique. #ChooseJSD



 Welcome to Jasper School District's Gifted & Talented Program

  Accommodating Diverse Learning Styles

 What your students will be working on this year...  click here



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Cafeteria News!

The Jasper Campus is so excited to announce that with help from our Agricultural teacher Mr. Dorrell and his students we will be growing some foods that will be used in the salad bar at the Jasper Campus.  All our beef (hamburger meat) will be from local producers at each campus.

 Breakfast and lunch will be free this year again to all students.  Please fill out the meal applications on this website,   or from the handouts at each office.   Remote meals will be available also and that application can be found at the same website.

We desperately need these turned in from each family, one application per family is sufficient.   Thank you for all your assistance.

Good Eats.

Tina Byrd
Jasper School District Food Service Director

Below you will find the links to week 9's nutritional and physical activity videos. The link to the challenge form is included.


The videos will be uploaded to our social media sites and website. Please share the links with your Kindergarten - 8th-grade teachers.


If you have questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.



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