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Jasper High School


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Grades 7 through 12 

Jasper High School Principal - Jeff Lewis - Email

600 School Street
P.O. Box 446
Jasper, Arkansas 72641

 Phone 870.446.2223
 Fax 870.446.5549


Mission Statement

Jasper High School is committed to building a community that reflects excellence in literacy, pride and integrity, and the motivation to succeed.

Alma Mater

Hail, Alma Mater, we sing to thy praise

Great with affection our voices we raise

Nestling so peaceful and calm ‘neath the sky

Fondly we love thee, dear old Jasper High.


Hail Alma Mater, thy praise we sing,

Loud in thy honor, our voices will ring

Long through the ages remains, if God will

Love and prosperity, dear old Jasper High.


Jasper's 22 Career and Technical Education Completers Recognized


The Career and Technical Education teachers; Ms. Alice Cooper, Ms.  Becky Daniels, Mr. Mason Dorrell, and Mr. Billy Bell honored their 22 CTE Program Completers at their CTE Reception on Tuesday, May 11.  To earn the status of "completer," a student must successfully complete three units of credit in a program of study including all the core courses.    Completers received a certificate and will be presented a medallion at our Awards Assembly.  Each completer will be recognized at their graduation on May 21, 2021.   Harley Sloan will receive the CTE Scholarship because he completed three programs of study including Agriculture, Business, and Criminal Justice.

Group of CTE Completers.jpg



 In honor of School-Based Health Center month, Jasper School District and Boston Mountain Rural Health Center, our medical services provider on the Jasper Campus, teamed up to do a weekly drawing for high school kids for a school-based health center T-shirt. This week's lucky winner of the T-shirt is Tristan Knapp. Congratulations Tristan! 

Winner of the T-shirt is Tristan Knapp



JHS Business Teacher Featured in YouTube Video

Test Out Teachers' Lounge 

Stevie George and Allan Escobar from TestOut will be joined by three fantastic teachers to answer questions you've had about "Preparing Students for the MOS Word Certification Exam" using TestOut's Office Pro and how they have been successful.


Mrs. Alice Cooper's students participated in the 2021 Virtual CTE Day at the Capitol by submitting their JHS CTE video showcasing their programs of study and certifications in Microsoft Office Specialist 2019, Wise, Work Ethic Proficiency, and their Electronic Career Portfolio.  Special thanks to Colin Thomas for videoing!


Check out the article on page 14 of the TestOut Certification Magazine<> recognizing one of our Business Teachers in Arkansas.  Ms. Cooper is an incredible example of the quality instruction and education that Business teachers, in our state, provide on a daily basis.  Congratulations to Ms. Cooper on all of her accomplishments.  I know that each and every business teacher would agree that we are blessed to have her as one of our teachers in this great state. 

To access changes to the JSD Learning Model click the following:

JSD Learning Model Semester Two Policy Changes 


Jasper High School received the Award for Social Media posting from American Red Cross


star logo w UAMSPublic Schools Program website, in which the challenge video and challenge form are both located.  

Week 1 Challenge Video

Week 2 Challenge Video

FunFit  Challenge

Week 3 Challenge Video

Week 3 Nutrition  Video

FunFit  Challenge

Week 4 Nutrition Video

Week 4 FunFIT Video

FunFit  Challenge

Week 4 Nutrition Video

Week 4 FunFIT Video

FunFit  Challenge

Week 5 Nutrition Challenge Video


Week 5 FunFIT Challenge Video



WEEK 8 FunFIT Challenge PDF's





WEEK 8 FunFIT Challenge Videos




Week 9 FunFITChallenge PDF's



WEEK 9 FunFIT QuickFIT Challenge Videos:



WEEK 9 FunFIT Nutrition Challenge:



Week 11 FunFIT QuickFIT Challenge Videos:



FunFIT Nutrition Challenge:



Week 12 FunFIT QuickFIT Challenge Videos:


 Exercise video (FunFIT QuickFIT)

 Exercise video (FunFIT QuickFIT)


FunFIT Nutrition Challenge:

Nutrition video (FunFIT Nutrition)

Nutrition video (FunFIT Nutrition)


Week 13 FunFIT QuickFIT Challenge Videos:


FunFIT QuickFIT Challenge:





FunFIT Nutrition Challenge:




Challenge logging form


PSP FunFit Challenge for Week 16(Focus on upper body)


PSP Nutrition Challenge for Week 16 (How to set a dinner table?)


PSP FunFit Challenge for Week 17(Part 2 Chair Exercises)


PSP Nutrition Challenge for Week 17 (Sip Smart and Hydrate your body)



image004.jpg image006.jpg



 It is Athletic gear time!!!!

You may click HERE for more information.


 Congratulations to the JHS Junior High Robotics Team for making it to the final round and being ranked in the top 75 in the Wonder League Robotics Competition. The team was chosen from 4,500 teams from 91 countries to represent the 12-14 age bracket! We are proud of you! 🤖

JES Science Jr. Robotics Team 2020 picture

Coronavirus Information
Letter from Superintendent
Jasper Campus Closure Student Food Pickup Procedure



Jasper High School is being recognized by the Office for Educational Policy for high ELA growth.  Please see below.  The link to the report is not active until tomorrow when the report will be officially released. Thank you for your efforts in improving the educational program for our students.

Dear Principal Lewis and Superintendent Cantrell,

Congratulations! JASPER HIGH has been recognized by the Office for Education Policy (OEP) at the University of Arkansas as a school where students demonstrated high growth on the ACT Aspire!  The OEP creates an annual report entitled the Outstanding Educational Performance Awards where we recognize schools with high student academic growth.  We think growth is the best indicator of the positive impact that your school is having on students.

In our High School Level report which will be published tomorrow, JASPER HIGH received the following awards:

Statewide High ELA Growth: High School Level

High ELA Growth: High School Level (Northwest Region)

We provide a badge for placement on your school's website (attached), and personalized paper awards will be sent to the district later this school year.

Awards are based on the 2019 content growth score calculated by the Division of Elementary and Secondary Education. These growth scores reflect how much students at the school improved from 2018 compared to how much they were expected to grow considering prior achievement. We recognize schools based on Overall growth, as well as for growth in Math and English Language Arts separately. To learn more about how we determined the OEP award winners and to see the full list of award recipients, you can view the report here.

We congratulate you on this accomplishment and hope that you will share this good news with teachers, students, and others who contributed to your school's success. We find that local papers and social media are effective in spreading the news of your school's success to the community.

For updates and insights, follow our blog at, and to be added to our weekly updates and roundup of education news, send an email to with the subject line "Sign me up!"

Congratulations again on your OEP Growth award!


Sarah McKenzie, Ph.D.


Executive Director

Office for Education Policy

211 Graduate Education Building

Fayetteville, AR 72701


UA Achievement Awards 2019_Best ELA




 Jasper School-Based Health Center Information

The Jasper School District's School-Based Health Center (SBHC) is located at 609 West Clark Street on the Jasper Campus.  The SBHC offers medical and dental service to all students, faculty, staff, and the entire community. The SBHC provides school-based mental health services to students.

We are proud to offer quality healthcare services that are easily accessible to the student body through our SBHC.  We want to ensure that our students are healthy so they can get the most out of their educational experience.  We expect that kids will miss less school because they can be seen early, treated quickly and seen right here on campus.  We are also committed to partnering with parents to ensure that all kids receive preventative care as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Doctors are in the clinic on the following days:

Medical Services - Monday and Tuesday 9:00 a.m-2:30  p.m.


sbhc logo


School Messenger logo

Parents and Guardians

You can take advantage of our Text Messaging Service

 Our school utilizes the School Messenger system to deliver text messages, straight to your mobile phone with important information about events, school closings, safety alerts and more.

 Please read the PDF below for more information.


English PDF

Spanish PDF

Helpful Links