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Exciting News From Jasper School District:

Jasper School District Has Made A System Change That Impacts Your Student(s)

Dear Jasper School District Families:

Re: Your Child’s School Lunch Balance

You are receiving this communication because the district is offering an online service to help you better manage your child's school meal account. You now have the ability to check your child’s school meal account balance online., as well as make payments with your {American Express,Visa or MasterCard} 

In addition to helping the school take advantage of the latest technology, this service is a great convenience to you. By utilizing, you will not have to wonder if the check you wrote for meals actually made it to school and your children will be assured that meals will continue uninterrupted. 

Features and Options:

  • Send payments faster and directly into your child’s meal accounts: Payments are credited within 10 minutes. There is a $2.50 convenience fee when paying on-line.
  • Mobile applications: EZSchoolPay is available from your device’s app store and are available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.
  • Low Balances: Receive alerts when your child’s balance drops below a certain balance.

If you would like to take advantage of any of the features mentioned above, you must create an online account with Getting started is easy! Visit

When first accessing your child’s account you will be asked to provide either your child’s birth date or Student ID, to obtain your child’s Student ID please contact Tina Byrd at either 870-446-9292 or 

Jasper School District Food and Nutrition Services department strives to provide a balanced nutritional program for all students, and to provide support and options for parents.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Food and Nutrition Services department directly at 870-446-9292.


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Dear EZSchoolPay School Districts,  

As the 2015-16 school year comes to a close, you may be getting questions regarding parent EZSchoolPay accounts. Our team would like to take this opportunity to provide some helpful tips to make the transition to the new school year as worry-free as possible.  Feel free to share this information with your parents, by providing them with this link:

The tips are also provided below for your knowlege.

  • Account Funds: Any funds that have not been used on your child’s meal account automatically carry to the new school year, even if they change schools within the district
  • Refunds: If a positive balance is left on your child’s account at the end of the school year, and you would like to request this amount be refunded to you, please contact your child’s school district for processing
  •  Balance Transfers:  If all or a portion of the remaining funds on your child’s account need to be transferred to another child (i.e. older sibling graduated and you would like to move the remaining funds to another sibling’s account), please contact your child’s school district for processing
  • Enrollment Information: Once the 2015-16 school year has ended, your child may show the school and/or grade level they were in for a period of time over the summer months.  Once the school district has performed the rollover to the new school year, this information will update automatically on
  • Recurring Payments: Don't forget to adjust your recurring payments for Summer Break! 

Should you have any questions or need additional assistance, please email us at   

Enjoy your summer!

EZSchoolPay Support Team

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